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     As the lights just dimmed on Season 14, I can’t give enough credit to all of the great transformations I just witnessed.  It was really a special evening to see all of you walking with that air of confidence and strutting with your chests out proud (AND RIGHTFULLY SO).  You all remember that sense of accomplishment, just hoping someone you hadn’t seen in a while noticed the new you!  Realizing the work you just put in paid off!  Realizing this is the happiest you’ve been in a long, long time!  Realizing your dreams!  Those of you who returned to welcome your new family members looked just as proud and full of love.  What a healthy environment, right?

     The questions I pose today to all of you to ask yourselves: “ How am I going to keep that battery charged and walk with that GAIT Sandy spoke of often on the ranch? “  Take a moment today to reflect momentarily on the past and ask “what is on my agenda to keep my light bulb lit and shining at its optimal wattage?”  True, some of you need to replace a bulb but once the bulb is in the fixture, know that you all have the tools and knowledge to keep that bulb burning for a long time…with full glare!!!

     “How do I know if my bulb is functioning at its peek level?” “Am I journaling?” “Am I counting calories?” “Am I weighing my foods?” “Am I planning meals for the week for myself and loved ones?” “Am I eating with a plan as proposed by H and Forberg?” “Am I snacking correctly?” “Am I incorporating the prescribed workout time to stay at maintenance?” “AM and PM?” “What am I doing at work to help keep myself functional and active?” “Can I be doing more?” “Am I treating my injuries and am I working to tolerance with the same?” “Am I making excuses ?”

     If you are on point, tremendous!!!! If your bulb needs replacing or if there is a short in the wire, well its time to change the darn thing!!!  Today is the day to do just that!  And if you’re not sure where the closest hardware store is or what wattage you need, please reach out to me and know that I will do my best to lead you.  Wishing you all continued success and love.



The Athletic Trainer & Musculoskeletal Injury

Returning from injury is often quite difficult. Most athletes have the “competition ” frame of mind and are really not focused on the task at hand: taking the time to allow sufficient healing ( vs. Disrupting). The athletic trainers role is to assist in Getting the athletes’ Psyche and present physical condition onto the same page . In essence, it’s crawling before you walk, and walking before you jog, and jogging before you run. This is on going  checks and balances system that keeps the two in sync.

When and how fast can athletic trainers push my athletes?

The athletic trainer has basic protocols to follow in regards to injury treatment and return to activity protocols. Importance lies in following not only the trainers protocols, but more importantly, the Physicians.
Daily , frequent , open,  Dialogue between the trainer , athlete, and physician are paramount as the athlete progresses from stage to stage. This bond strengthens with each success and strengthens even more with each failure. True!
Some good questions to ask yourself are: what psyche is the athlete presenting with today and is he or she ready to face the task at hand? How will today’s activity benefit the entire rehab process? Have I / we accomplished what was needed prior to achieving this next task? Have I/ we focused on sport specificity training ? What am I going to do with the answers to these questions?

My body wants to do something but my mind won’t allow it.

Fear of re injury and experiencing “that pain” again are all too common in injury rehab . The good athletic trainer establishes the dialogue of what to expect, what is common, what is normal vs abnormal , and
Performs a full gamete of tests to ensure the athlete will not do further injury . Why is the pitcher afraid to “let it go” after surgical repair and rehab . Why is the running back afraid to cut sharply to his left or right? The athlete has to re experience success, albeit gradually, until these fears and built up walls get knocked down.

What are you doing to help your athletes overcome these common fears?

Are you ensuring your athletes are well hydrated , getting proper nutrition, getting proper rest?  Are they following your medical teams outlined rehabilitation prescription.?Overlooking these basic principles can be just as injurious.



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Chicago Cubs Don Baylor

There were a few bags left of breakfast sandwiches and combo platters, if I may.  We were running late with treatments and I scurried with bags in arms to catch the 730 bus to Tucson.  I grabbed a bag from Otis’ kitchen, ran out to the bus and said hi to Skip, Don Baylor.  He looked at me with a dagger.

Ten minutes after we left the stadium and were headed south, Don asked, in front of everyone on the bus loudly, “Hey Sandy, did you bring enough for everyone,  as that’s the rule?”  Shockingly, I said “No Skip, I only brought one for myself…sorry.”   And I slumped into my seat for the ride.

After the game it was Don’s favorite: a stop of the  team bus at the Dairy Queen on the way back to Mesa.  Gary pre-ordered, and all the wonderful treats would be awaiting our arrival.  Gary gets off the bus to pay and retrieve the boxes of goodies.  They were set.  Off we go…..take to Baylor, “Hey Krummie, I bought one for everyone on the bus but you.” Another lesson was learned.


 Friends!  March is National Athletic Training Month! This is your opportunity to reach out to at least one Athletic Trainer who you have worked with in the past or are working with presently and say thank you for what you do. It is also the time to spread the message of the importance of legislation making it mandatory for All High Schools nationwide to employ at least one Certified Athletic Trainer . Spread the word in your community, at the gym , and at the coffee shop. Ask your friends about Athletic Training if you are a young professional interested in this rewarding career. Everybody needs an Athletic Trainer. Athletic Trainers are everywhere. Make it a point to know one!

Enjoy the Month of March and recognize the Athletic Trainers who play a part in your lives.