Certified Athletic Trainer | Educator | Motivator
Sandy Krum

Antone Davis - NBC's Biggest Loser, Season 12

 I have been involved in organized sports from high school to the NFL and have be around athletic trainers the entire time.  I understand the role that they can play in an athletes career, sometimes making decisions that can make or break careers.  Also, athletic trainers wear many different hats, from mentor, to uncle to personal trainer and even therapists if need be.  I can tell you that during my time on “The Biggest Loser”, Sandy was all these things to me and more.

I built a special bond with Sandy because he took such good care of me and showed such respect for me as an individual on the show.  I’m sure Sandy had similar relationships with the other contestants.  Because of this, there are two things I would like to point out about Sandy that I think are paramount.  Number one, his knowledge.  Sandy has a comprehensive knowledge about sports and the business of an athletic trainer.  Number two, Sandy’s integrity.  Although Sandy and I had built a strong bond, he always maintained his integrity where the show and rules were concerned.  He is the consummate professional.