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Sandy Krum

Amazing Transformations!



     As the lights just dimmed on Season 14, I can’t give enough credit to all of the great transformations I just witnessed.  It was really a special evening to see all of you walking with that air of confidence and strutting with your chests out proud (AND RIGHTFULLY SO).  You all remember that sense of accomplishment, just hoping someone you hadn’t seen in a while noticed the new you!  Realizing the work you just put in paid off!  Realizing this is the happiest you’ve been in a long, long time!  Realizing your dreams!  Those of you who returned to welcome your new family members looked just as proud and full of love.  What a healthy environment, right?

     The questions I pose today to all of you to ask yourselves: “ How am I going to keep that battery charged and walk with that GAIT Sandy spoke of often on the ranch? “  Take a moment today to reflect momentarily on the past and ask “what is on my agenda to keep my light bulb lit and shining at its optimal wattage?”  True, some of you need to replace a bulb but once the bulb is in the fixture, know that you all have the tools and knowledge to keep that bulb burning for a long time…with full glare!!!

     “How do I know if my bulb is functioning at its peek level?” “Am I journaling?” “Am I counting calories?” “Am I weighing my foods?” “Am I planning meals for the week for myself and loved ones?” “Am I eating with a plan as proposed by H and Forberg?” “Am I snacking correctly?” “Am I incorporating the prescribed workout time to stay at maintenance?” “AM and PM?” “What am I doing at work to help keep myself functional and active?” “Can I be doing more?” “Am I treating my injuries and am I working to tolerance with the same?” “Am I making excuses ?”

     If you are on point, tremendous!!!! If your bulb needs replacing or if there is a short in the wire, well its time to change the darn thing!!!  Today is the day to do just that!  And if you’re not sure where the closest hardware store is or what wattage you need, please reach out to me and know that I will do my best to lead you.  Wishing you all continued success and love.


Nathan Montgomery

Sandy, you’re advice is always so sound and somehow arrives right on time. People always mention how they hear different trainers yelling at them when they’re on the treadmill or another of the many cardio machines. I hear yours. Not when I’m on a machine, but when I’m living life. Am I making the right decisions when it comes not only to my eating, but my exercise? Am I truly pushing myself, like Sandy told me to do when I’m on my own? Am I taking the time to nurse injuries and sore muscles so I can train tomorrow? These are what go through my mind so that I may live a long, healthy and active life. Thanks go to you Sandman, or building my healthy mentality. Great article!

-Nate Montgomery

Michael Dorsey

Thank you so much for posting this. I will be honest, kind of felt a little…..post partum these past few days. I keep thinking back to those side conversations I had with you during my time on the Ranch and now realize this is what you were talking about. As always, you know just when to say the right things at the right time. thanks Homie!!!

Krummie, you taught me how to do this and I hold those words at the highest standard! Though, I’m not perfect, I am proud to have the tools, knowledge and resources like you!! Thank you for all you give to us and would you eat something already! I could snap you like a twig! ;) love you!! Xoxoxo -Han

Sandy, You are amazing you helped save my life. The things you taught me I use everyday. Not just what to do but the additude to keep doing it. You were there every step of the way with me and even now that the show is over your still always there for me. I hope the whole world gets to have the gift of SANDY KRUM

As always, whenever any of us get a chance to see you, in an instant we remember all of the Krummie-isms that helped us realize that we are so much more than we were living. And once again, this post is another helpful Krummie-ism to remind us that every day it’s all about a journey of living the truth. Thanks for saving Jen and my life #Johnson, and the amazing effect your help and support has had on my entire posse. Your mom did great, and you’re doing even better… Till we hug again, a million thanks from one of your BIGGEST fans and friends!

Vinny you are such an inspiration to me . I really would like to see you contact Chiz on his Chizcor u tube or whatever he i feel after listening to his u tube thing he posted on Facebook he could use a big brother to help him get back on track . He seems like a great young man with a bright future but he i think could use a little vote of confidence from you . Hope you can help him and inspire him as you have inspired me . He was on season of BL I think right after you were on . Love you keep it real ! Many Blessings to you and your beautiful wife . I enjoyed talking to you and her last year at the CMA Fest . I also told Polly Wog you said hello hope you guys can make it back up our way soon !

Bill Germanakos

Boichik, I will always be thankful for the advisor, mentor, friend and brother that you’ve become for me. Thanks as always for your support and words of encouragement. I’m sure that I speak for all of the contestants that you’ve helped along the way, that this experience just wouldn’t have been the same without you. Be well. See you soon. Your Brother, Billy G.

Courtney Crozier

Sandy, we are all so blessed to know you and have you as a HUGE part of our lives. We were blessed enough to be on the show, but honestly having your guidance, support, friendship and sense of humor is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life! You have always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. You are what makes the ranch bearable at times (when things get craaaaazy) and you help us see the worth in ourselves. We are BEYOND BLESSED to have you as a resource even now long after the show. THANK YOU for caring…THANK YOU for being you. I love you and will admire you for the rest of my life!


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