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Sandy Krum


  •        I have been involved in organized sports from high school to the NFL and have been around athletic trainers the entire time.  I understand the role that they can play in an athlete's career, sometimes making decisions that can make or break careers.  Also, athletic trainers wear many different hats, from mentor, to uncle to personal trainer and even therapists if need be.   I can tell you that during my time on "The Biggest Loser", Sandy was all these things to me and more. 

    I built a special bond with Sandy because he took such good care of me and showed such respect for me as an individual on the show.  I'm sure Sandy had similar relationships with the other contestants.  Because of this, there are two things I would like to point out about Sandy that I think are paramount.  Number one, his knowledge.  Sandy has a comprehensive knowledge about sports and the business of an athletic trainer.  Number two, Sandy's integrity.  Although Sandy and I had built a strong bond, he always maintained his integrity where the show and rules were concerned.  He is the consummate professional.   ~Antone Davis - NBC's Biggest Loser, Season 12

  •         As a high school and college athlete, I've had experience with several trainers, and I firmly believe that Sandy is the best professional I've ever worked with. His knowledge and experience are only the tip of the iceberg with Sandy. His personality and confidence, and his ability to calm a person down and explain every situation make him more than just a "trainer" when that horrible injury or event happens. He's more like a Super-Hero swooping in to save the day.  ~Jim Germanakos - NBC's Biggest Loser, Season 4

  •          Sandy has an amazing ability to connect with people and his fantastic sense of humor is legendary among those who have had the privilege of spending time with him. You cannot even begin to know how much he is a part of the Biggest Loser experience. He was the bright part of each and every day spent on the ranch. He listened to our whining and then made us put on our big kid panties. When we fell down, he picked us back up, dusted us off, and sent us back out to work. He held us up when we needed moral support. He dried our tears when we broke down. He encouraged us to keep going when we thought we were done and couldn't take another step. He was just as attentive to our psychological needs as he was to our physical needs. When we would go into his office, we knew we were going to get the best of care on every level. Sandy is the one who continues to keep in touch with us, he still monitors our health, weight, and needs. He stays in contact with all of us and still supports us to this day. His concern for us is genuine. Sandy is very special because he truly is the real deal. You are never going to find another person with the hands on experience that he has regarding the care of the contestants. It takes years to gain the intuition, medical knowledge, and people skills, that he has developed. Sandy has dedicated his own life to helping the contestants go through this monumental life changing event.  I will always consider Sandy a part of my family until the day I die.  ~Kim Stone RN, BSN  aka "Kimmy" - NBC's Biggest Loser, Season 13

  •         I have to lay it straight Sand Man, I have been around some amazing trainers in my day, Randy Oravetz (Dir. Of Sports Medicine at FSU) & Jack Marucci (Dir. of Athletic Training at LSU)...And YOU my friend rank up there with the Best!  Thank you Sandy for Always keeping it real, even when none of us wanted to hear it.  You have no idea how instrumental you were in helping me get through those tough physical and mental days!  I would not have made it without ya!  Thank you Krummie.  I owe ya one!  You my friend, Wear Your Soul...Love you brother, MEAN IT!!!  ~Joe Ostaszewski - NBC's Biggest Loser, Season 14

  •         I have known and worked with Sandy Krum for over 15 years.  Whether it was dealing with collegiate athletes, professional baseball players, or The Biggest Loser contestants he is the consummate professional.  Cutting edge injury treatment and rehabilitation protocols have kept his athletes on the field and in the game.  Sandy is recognized by his peers as one of the elite in his profession.  ~Gerry Detty - President, Pro Orthopedic


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