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Sandy Krum

ATC Honest Screw Up


Well, I feel like an ass…

I’ll never forget the time in AA Carolina when umpire Tony Randazzo (one of the best young upcoming men in blue…with great character and make up) asked me to help him. He needed his paycheck cashed and gave it to me while I was in uniform.  I said, “Sure Tony, no problem.”

After the game, I went to the locker room.  Quickly changed into training shorts and continued with post game treatments.  The check btw was still in my game pants pocket, which was whisked away by one of the well trained clubhouse attendants.  Before I knew it, the damn pants were in the spin cycle.

Here comes Tony showered, fully dressed, and ready to hit the town after a long night behind the plate on a hot steamy night.

“Oh shit!  I really screwed up Tony!” …as I frantically found the shreds in my pocket.  Randazzo’s check would be lost that night, but I replaced it, (along with some help from the front office) and awaited the fed ex trucks arrival two days thereafter with his replacement from the league.



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